Patrick Taylor - Artist
A Southern Painter


 "Ask what prevailing, pleasing powerAllures the sportive, wandering bee
To roam untired, from flower to flower,He'll tell you, 'tis variety." - Thomas Moore

  1. "Blue Ridge Rising"
    "Blue Ridge Rising"
    oil on canvas 36"X60" SOLD
  2. "Blue Ridge in Winter"
    "Blue Ridge in Winter"
    oil on canvas 36"X60" SOLD
  3. "Willowy Day"
    "Willowy Day"
    oil on canvas 48"X48" SOLD
  1. "City Gate"
    "City Gate"
    oil on canvas 30"X40" SOLD
  2. "Remember When"
    "Remember When"
    oil on canvas 48"X60" SOLD